The Bob Bolger Photo Collection


"Non Dancing Ray"

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Entrance to the
Chu Lai Combat Base

"The Streets of
Chu Lai-rado"

Supply Warehouses
"You can get anything you want .."

Beautiful beaches
Of  sunny Chu Lai

Chu Lai Swift HQ

CosDiv 12 Shield

CosDiv 16 Shield

Pier at Chu Lai

Fill 'er Up

Med Moor Nesting

Normal Nesting

Abnormal Nesting

Camp Tien Shaw
Da Nang

White Elephant - NSF HQ
Da Nang

VNN Headquarters
Da Nang

Surveillance Center
Da Nang

Entrance to Swift Pier
Da Nang

Walking along pier
Da Nang

Swifts alongside APL
Da Nang

Road up to Monkey Moutain
Da Nang

Hello Dolly

Good Day Dolly

Good Bye Dolly

Rocket Attack

The patrol areas south from Da Nang to Quang Ngai

Monkey Mountain

Cu Lao Cham Islands

Cua Dai River

Entrance to Chu Lai

Dung Quat Bay

Song Tra Bong

On the way to
Same Drink Delta

Tactical Heart of Darkness
aka Same Drink Delta

Sa Ky River Entrance
Skunk Alpha captured here

Tra Khuc River
Coastal Group 16

Ops Normal in the
Tactical Heart

Non Dancing Ray's
Office with a View

Speakers ready for
The Co Lay Corral

Gun Tub ready for
The Co Lay Corral

The folks at Co Lay fired first
Probably didn't like the tape

Clean up required after the
Gunfight at Co Lay Corral

Doug Daves Shoots at VC Fish
Using a Pistol (?)

Doug Runs Over VC Fish
Using Twin Screws (?)

Doug Escorts VC Fish-ing
Trawler toward Chu Lai
{Actually it is Skunk Alpha}

Stars and Stripes Forever
Victory Over the VC Fish

Can Couc?

Where's the Manifest Hiding?

Boarding Party:
Greathouse and Theep

Tows R Us


Yabuta Dinner Time

South China Sea Sunrise

Only 99 Days and a Wake Up

Waiting in line
To Board the Freedom Bird

Bob, Terry and Brian
Bolger 1971

Brian Bolger
Chief Engineer
USS Cunningham

Bob Bolger
Weapons Officer
USS Blue

Wife Val and sister Marjorie
Visit PCF-104 Coronado

Terry and his wife Mary Jo
Visit PCF-104 Coronado

We Were Sailors Once
Strong and Proud

Where does this nation
Find such Patriots?

Preserve Your Memories
They're all that's left you

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