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      Reunion Venue: Sheraton Premiere at Tysons Corner
      This hotel is ideal for reunion activities: Ships Store, Hospitality Suite, and Banquet. It is a great location: near Tysons Corner restaurants/shopping, metro stop to access DC area sights, and much more.
      8661 Leesburg Pike
      Tysons Corner, VA 22182
      Phone: (703) 448-1234
      Hotel Reservations: 888-627-8230

      Thursday, May 7: Welcome reception at the Sheraton Premiere
      Friday, May 8: Organized Tours to selected locations of interest, open time for your own sightseeing using the Metro
      Saturday, May 9: Special “Memorial Itinerary”; a tour of PCF-1 at the Washington Navy Yard, followed by our traditional memorial service at the US Navy Memorial in Washington, with a finishing stop at The Wall
      Sunday, May 10: Banquet

      NOTE:  Starting with this reunion, the SBSA Board of Directors have voted to waive the “Reunion Registration Fee” for… “Surviving families of our KIAs and those who have passed since returning from Vietnam be invited to every reunion as a guest without a registration fee.”

      We need to past word to those who would benefit from this.

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      Allen C LoBean

      Is this metro stop like a subway or a bus shuttle?


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        When we were there for the BOD meeting I rode this which I would call it a train. It runs above ground sometime and in DC it seems to be underground kinda like a subway. It is a rail system.

        It is a great way to get around see things on your own, but there is a little learning curve, and I wish I had gone to this website for info 1st http://wmata.com/ .

        Now here is the really good news…when we were there the Orange Line was the closest station, a 5 mile shuttle ride from the hotel. By the time we get there for the reunion the Silver Line will be finished and the Spring Hill station will be about 300 yds from the hotel. http://silverlinemetro.com/spring-hill/

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      Allen C LoBean


      I remember when I was there in 1995 we took taxis for about two days and then started riding this rail system under the city, a lot cheaper and fun to ride. We took it to the Navy yard, but the line did not go out that far and we ended up walking a few blocks in the middle of no man land. (Spooky) The next time we went out to the Navy Yard for the big deal we rode in the back Manny Pena truck. He just went right through the front gate, crazy times back then. They just wave us on in. :0)

      That time in 1995 the hotel was about a block from the train station which me and this old army guy travel in on.

      Drove to Washington in 1987 for a POW/MIA parade with two army friend, goodness what a fun trip that was I ask Charles how much farther we had to go on the map and he said about two inches. (This is an combat Army Captain.) LOL

      Fun times, can not wait to go again,


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