Admirals Under Fire: The U.S. Navy and the Vietnam War, Written by Edward J. Marolda and with a foreword by former Secretary of the Navy, John Lehman, will be published by Texas Tech University Press and Amazon in June 2021

Bare Feet, Iron Will: Stories from the Side of Vietnam’s Battlefields, Written by James Zumwalt, Lieutenant Colonel, USMC(Ret)

The Better Angels: Five Women Who Changed Civil War America – Written by Robert C. Plumb

The Bridges of Vietnam: From the Journals of a U.S. Marine Intelligence Officer written by Fred L. Edwards, Jr.

Brown Water, Black Berets: Coastal and Riverine Warfare in Vietnam, Written by Thomas J. Cutler

Brown Water Runs Red – My Year as an Advisor to the Vietnamese Navy Junk Force by Bob Andretta

Capturing Skunk Alpha: A Barrio Sailor’s Journey in Vietnam Written by Raúl Herrera (Author)John E. O’Neill (Foreword)

Cat Lo: Memoir of Invincible Youth written by Virgil Erwin

Coastal Warfare Against the Viet Cong, Volume One, 1964 – 1966, Written by James Steffes

Combat at Close Quarters – Warfare on the Rivers and Canals of Vietnam, Written by Edward J. Marolda and R. Blake Bunnavent

Confession to a Deaf God Memoir of a Mekong River Rat written by Gary R. Blinn

Firefight on Vietnam Brown Water Navy written by Lynn Salsi

Men in Green Faces: A Novel of U.S. Navy Seals, Written by Gene Wentz and B. Abell Jurus

Operation Market Time, The Early Years 1965 – 1966, Written by James Steffes

Restoration of a Legacy: Swift Boats and Their Sailors, Written by Maritime Museum of San Diego, Edited by Neva Sullivan and Guy Gugliotta

Rice Twigs Charlie: A Novel, Written by L.S. Brown

River Rats, Written by Ralph Christopher

Still on Patrol written by William Henry Inabnett

Swift Boat Down: The Real Story of the Sinking of PCF-19 written by James Steffes

Swift Boat Photo Book – The U.S. Navy Patrol Craft Fast in Detail, Written by John M. Carrico

Swift Boats at War in Vietnam Edited by Guy Gugliotta, John Yeoman and Neva Sullaway

Tempest In A Teacup written by Doc White

The Rise and Fall of the Brown Water Navy: Changes in U.S. Navy Riverine Warfare, Written by Jason B. Scheffer

This is Latch, The Story of Rear Admiral Roy F. Hoffmann Written by Weymouth D. Symmes

Through the Water and the Fire, A Swift Boat Sailor’s Story Written by Charles Hunt

Vietnam Memoir: “Between the Letters: Life, Love, and War.”, Written by Sonny Barber”

Vietnam Riverine Craft 1962 – 75, Written by Gordon Rottman

War in the Shallows: U.S. Navy Coastal and Riverine Warfare in Vietnam 1965 – 1968 – Swift Boats, Vung Ro Incident, Arnheiter Affair, Game Warden, Mining, Trawler Intercepts, Tet, Task Force Clearwater, Written by Progressive Management

War on the Rivers:  Swift Boat Sailor’s Chronicle of the Battle for the Mekong Delta written by Weymouth D. Symmes

We Served in Silence, Written by Glenn F. Fannin, Jr.

White Water, Red Hot Lead: On Board U.S. Navy Swift Boats in Vietnam written by Dan Daly

Your Brother in Arms: A Union Soldier’s Odyssey by – Written by Robert C. Plumb

Many of these may be available on Amazon, but their availability anywhere varies from time to time based on demand/supply/saleability.
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