PCF 816 Update

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July 19, 2018

Swift Boat Association

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Reference (b)
SBA Report 3, dated May 3, 2018, submitted by email to SBSA

The following information is the results of the PCF 816’s recent visit to the Ship Yard and haul out. The work has been completed and the boat was placed back in service on July18, 2018.

As out lined in previous reports numerous issues had been identified with the condition of the boat. Those items that were determined to be safety related were addressed and corrected straight away. These items have been identified in earlier reports. Some of the more pressing issues included the following:
• Electrical Systems
• Port Engine Lube Oil Pressure
• Hydraulic Steering System
• Sea Suction and Overboard discharge Valves
• Missing shaft lock device for the port shaft

PCF 816 was taken out of the water on June 18, 2018 for a required Coast Guard inspection and the perfect opportunity to resolve the oil pressure problem with the port engine and to finally properly repair the steering system. The electrical system has been an ongoing challenge, but we continue to repair things as we find them. We are actively seeking an electrician volunteer to assist in bringing the boat up to speed. We have done some electrical work in terms of rerouting wire and soldering lugs that were only crimped and allowing hot wires to fall into the bilges etc.


• Repaired the pilot house steering pump
• Replaced steering linkage at the rudders as required
• Removed the port engine and deliver to Valley Power for disassembly, determine the lack of engine oil pressure (concurrence with the 4 grumpy chiefs), replaced the main and connecting rod bearings and conduct dyno test of the engine to verify proper operation including oil pressure. Returned engine to shipyard for installation.
• Missing parts for the shaft locking device were fabricated and installed
• Provide anti chaffing gear where required
• Worked with SDMM personnel to install the reworked hull valves
• Fuel samples from the tanks. The samples revealed particulate matter but no water. SDMM will have tanks cleaned and fuel polished.

• Returning the vessel to the water was mostly uneventful. As expected the port engine required some priming and TLC to start.
• The Sea Suction valves and overboard valves had to be tweaked to ensure proper flow and no leaks
• Steering gear was cycled many times to check for leaks and functionality
• Test were done to ensure complete control of the boat
• Got the boat underway conducted a number of maneuvering tests and speed changes to investigate any unusual noise or vibrations in the steering and or propulsion system, none was noted. All gauge readings were within normal ranges and the Captain commented on how well it steered and performed.

The boat is nothing short of amazing. It is a vessel that any Brown Water Sailor can be proud of. A lot of hard work has been put into the boat to get it the point that it is. SDMM and the SBSA have established a much-improved working relationship with a common goal to make the PCF 816 be all she can be. Dave Bradley (running interference with the heavies) Bob Brown (the go to hydraulics man and all other things), Tom Matyn (if it needs to be done call Tom), Carl Werden (engines, all things mechanical not a SWIFTY, but ought to be and a Kerberos Associate), Ed (Wally) Wallace (engines and everything else also not a SWIFTY but ought to be and a Kerberos Associate).

The SDMM personnel provided outstanding support, especially Peter Wilson, who was very responsive to my requests and recommendations on getting things done that needed to be done.

I hope all who read this will come to San Diego and ride the boat and relive this part of your life.

Respectfully Submitted,

John E. Kelly, SCPO USN(R))

Bob BarnettPCF 816 Update