PCF 816

In 1971, the US Navy donated two Swift Boats to the newly formed Republic of Malta’s Maritime Squadron.

After forty years of coastguard duty, Malta retired these boats from service. In 2011, Malta’s Minister of Defense donated a Swift Boat to the Maritime Museum of San Diego with our promise to preserve her history and to pay tribute to all Swift Boat Sailors from both countries.

The Swift Boat Sailors Association brought this Swift Boat to the Maritime Museum of San Diego to be restored and operated on San Diego Bay. Museum visitors will have the opportunity to experience the sound and throbbing vibration from two V12 diesels delivering 980 horsepower for high speed runs through the Bay while retired Swift Boat Sailors and docents talk about what it was like to be a crewman in Vietnam, serving as a Quartermaster, Gunner’s Mate, Engineman, Radarman, Bosun’s Mate or Skipper.

You can help with the continuing costs of restoration.

Please donate to the SBSA PCF-816 Fund.

Mail Donations to:
PCF 816 Maintenance Fund
Swift Boat Sailors Association, Inc.
P. O. Box 6281
Norfolk, VA 23508-0281

Thank You!
Bob BarnettPCF 816

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