New Board of Directors

Announcing the new board of directors for SBSA

Join me in welcoming the new BoD for SBSA. During our recent reunion several members were elected to the BoD.  These members will take on the responsibilities for our Association for the next 4 years, and the returning board members will work on association business for the next 2 years.

The newly elected Board of Directors are Bob Barnett, Rich Holleran, and Bob Gnau. Re-elected to the board are Dave Bradley, Van Odell, Dave Wallace, and Sue Edwards. Mike Solhaug, Terry Boone and DC Current are still on the board for the next two years.  Don Hammer was appointed to the office of treasurer and Jeremy Odell is the Webmaster.

The election of officers to carry out daily duties for the SBSA was held during the first board meeting immediately after the SBSA business meeting.  Van Odell was elected Chairman of the Board, Mike Solhaug President, Bob Barnet, Executive VP and DC Current agreed to be Secretary.  Dave Bradley with Dave Wallace as assistant was appointed to manage the PCF 816 Cruise, name of cruise to be determined by a naming contest.  Terry Boone was appointed, with Sue Edwards as assistant, to be membership VP.  Dave Wallace agreed to retake responsibility for Swift Current. Dave Bradley with Rich Holleran assisting was assigned to the San Diego reunion. Rich Holleran was assigned to Long Range Planning working with the Legacies group.  Sue Edwards was appointed to bereavement duty.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the election. We have a great group of board members who will be working hard on SBSA business, including the 2016 PCF 16 Cruise and the 2017 reunion.

Van Odell CoB SBSA

Bob BarnettNew Board of Directors

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