SBSA Elections!

Please STOP reading if you aren’t willing do some WORK
for the association – By-standers are NOT needed!

The SBSA’s By-Laws call for the election of directors as set down by the Board of Directors at each regular business meeting; held every other year as announced. The terms are arranged in a staggered manner so the entire board is not up for election at the same time to ensure continuity. Terms are for FOUR years. At the April 2017 business meeting we will have four open positions.

Being a director is one of the most worthwhile things a member can do. You’ll be serving your shipmates, helping to craft the image of the association to the outside world, and ensuring the best use of the associations assets. The only thing not needed is anyone who isn’t ready to roll up their sleeves and get to work. Any current dues-paid members of the SBSA are eligible to stand for election. The requirements are fairly simple:
Must be reasonably available for email discussions and votes at least 3 times each week.
Must have access to a computer.
Must attend off-year meetings of the Board of Directors at your own cost.
Please submit your own name to be placed in nomination or the name of another who has already agreed to serve. Include a very brief (2-3 sentences) of your history and anything you wish people to know. Please call or email if you have any questions or suggestions.

Dave Wallace
BoD Nominating Committee
770 329-5659

PS- feel free to call/email any of the directors or officers!

Bob BarnettSBSA Elections!

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