Summer Cruise 2016


The SBSA has donated $30,000 to have the port engine rebuilt and the Maritime Museum will supply the balance required. If you wish to donate to this effort please do so by donating to the SBSA with the memo note that your money goes towards PCF‐816. The Maritime Museum has agreed to “loan” the 816 to a “properly chaperoned” group of Swifties in an epic summer cruise up and down the California coast. The tentative dates are mid‐June to mid‐July 2016 leaving San Diego and go‐ing as far north as Santa Barbara (+/‐ 200 nautical miles) with a number of stops in between (overnights). Please read the details below carefully as there’s some really important gouge included!

  • Before we even think about leaving port we need two crew members: a USCG certified open ocean captain with current quals. We’ll also need a snipe (shudder…for all the deck rates, but that’s the deal) acceptable to the SBSA and Maritime Museum. Don Farrell has already volunteered for two weeks as Captain and has his certificates.
  • The museum is paying for some of the boat’s expenses but you need to provide your own food (or be part of the mess), arrange your own transportation to/from your ports of embarkation/debarkation, some of the ports may not have hotels/motels nearby ‐ conditions onboard and overnight could be “Spartan” and info will be provided as available, the crew size is expected to be 10‐14 men for each leg and all are expected to contribute at least a minimum effort.
  • Be prepared to participate in publicity efforts on behalf of the museum at each port and as required while visiting and giving rides, etc.
  • Itinerary will be published as it develops.
  • Crews will be determined by lottery as promised with liberal “trading options” available at each member’s discretion.
  • Each person should exercise all due care in determining if there are any health or “other” issues which could possibly be hazardous to themselves or the others in their crew. We are NOT 25 ANYMORE, guys! Medical clearances (from your doctor) and/or waivers may be required.



If you want to get into the lottery for a chance to become a history‐making Swiftie and have read the requirement above, you need to contact Dave Bradley or 951-746‐5033 and let him know your dates and particular skills you have ‐ “old codger,” “seasoned salt,” and “40 years before the mast” are not skills we’re looking for!

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Bob BarnettSummer Cruise 2016

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